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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here are some answers to Frequently Asked Questions from Tim Larison.  Tim is this site's webmaster, the moderator for the discussion lists, and a certified Travel Agent.


Will I get "spam" email if I join your email lists?

We have a "no advertising" policy on our email lists.  Almost all of the messages you will see are devoted to cruises and cruise discussion.  I catch most of the spammers before they can send email to the list.  If an unauthorized "spam" message  does slip through, the person who posted it is either removed from the list or is not allowed to post to the list again without first getting his or her message approved by the list moderator.


As the list sponsor I will include a short unobtrusive ad below the text of the messages.  The limited advertising helps pay for the cost of this website.


Can I advertise a product or service on your email lists?

No.  This also includes no advertising in your signature line.


I want to tell people about another cruise website on your lists.  Can I do that?

Other websites can be mentioned if you think they are a good resource for cruise info.  However, if your only reason for joining the lists is to draw members to another web site, then don't join the lists and don't post information about the other website.  If your prime reason to join the lists is to learn about and discuss cruises on the list, then we'd love to have you as a list member.


How do I see the list archives?

When you join a discussion list you will have access to the yahoo home page for that list, which has search capabilities of the list archives.


Are the messages on the lists moderated?

Most members can post freely to the lists without moderation.  Only when a person has posted advertising or inappropriate content in the past are his or her posts moderated.  I do from time to time post messages to get the discussion back to cruises if I feel the flow of the messages is drifting off-topic.  For example, on one of the lists a discussion about smoking onboard started to turn into a "smokers rights" debate - this was off the topic and the discussion was redirected to again focus on cruises.


I didn't see a "question of the week" this week on the list.  Where was it?

On most weeks I will post a "question of the week" to each list to stimulate discussion.  When I am traveling or unavailable there will be some weeks with no "question of the week" posted.


Can I post questions to the list, too, or do we just discuss the "question of the week"?

You certainly may post questions!  The question of the week is designed to stimulate discussion, but other questions by list members are always welcome.  If you have an idea for a future "question of the week" that you don't need an immediate answer to, I am always open to suggestions.


Are the lists protected from email viruses?

Yes.  The yahoo software the lists are hosted by has anti-virus protection.  Also no attachments are allowed to be sent to the list (attachments are the most common way to spread viruses).


I am a subscriber to the lists but I have stopped getting email from the lists.  What should I do?

Yahoo puts email addresses on a "bouncing members" list if there is a problem reaching your email address.  Please contact me and I can check if your email address is on the "bouncing" list and reactivate your email address if it is.


I asked you for a quote on a cruise but I ended up buying the cruise elsewhere.  I now feel funny talking about the cruise on your list.  Can I still discuss the cruise on the list?

You certainly can!  I often do price quotes for people that do not result in a sale - the "no obligation" part of my service means that.  Many members on the lists have their own travel agents they work with (not me) but they still contribute to the lists.


I found a good deal on a cruise on the internet.  Can I tell others about it on the list?

Please do not use the lists to promote the services of a travel agent or a good price you found elsewhere.  Let's keep the list discussion to different cruises and cruise experiences.


I am a travel agent.  Can I join your lists?

Travel agents are welcome to join in the discussion.  Please do not post a link to your website or post advertising.  You may include your email address in your signature line, but you may not solicit sales on the list.


I want to post a message to the list not related to cruises - I am not sure if it is appropriate.  Can I go ahead and post it?

If you are unsure if a message is appropriate please check with me first.  A "post now, apologize later" attitude is not appreciated.


Don't these lists take alot of time for you to run?

The lists do take some time to monitor and run, but I enjoy it and I have learned much from the other members on the lists!




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